30 Years of Skateparks Designed and Built By Wally Hollyday
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We at Wally Hollyday Skateparks believe that good park planning is not just a process of expert consultants instructing a client or citizen group about what should or should not be included in a recreational facility design. The Wally Hollyday Skateparks design team is committed to ensuring that the wishes of the client and the skaters are included in the facilities that they will use. We see our role as that of a facilitator of client desires into a properly designed recreational facility that strikes a balance between features, aesthetics, budget, regulatory compliance, environmental responsibility, and maintenance requirements.

Wally Hollyday, Skate Park Designer, is recognized for his expertise in community outreach during the design workshop process. Tim Netsch at Nashville Parks and Recreation Department noted, "Wally had instant credibility with the local skaters, which was invaluable in creating as sense of ownership and pride among those who participated in the design workshops. Brett Horner, Community Planner for the City of Santa Monica stated, "Wally was instrumental in reaching the skaters and getting them to open up and discuss and talk about what features they liked and disliked. He was especially good at getting the skaters to think about all the possibilities in terms of the design, and inspiring them to consider new features and ways of skating concrete surfaces." Roy Tatman, Project Manager for the City of Sacramento also recognized, "From the beginning, it was apparent that Mr. Hollyday was in touch with the end user and was able to incorporate their different ideas and concepts into a cohesive design."

Whether you are looking for a world-class facility with national recognition for your city or a small community park, a skate park should function on many levels. Every skate park should address the needs of all levels of skaters including beginners. A child's successful first experience is essential for developing confidence and a positive attitude Most beginners simply need a gentle drop-in and an easy line through one section of the park in order to fit in.

As important it is providing for beginners, they don't stay beginners for long. Once a kid gets hooked on skating, they are very passionate about their sport, skating daily, many become advanced or even experts in a short time period. The design should primarily provide for the progressive skaters that will use the park most. It is important to include both street and transition elements for beginners, intermediate, and expert skaters.

A contemporary skate park design must address the many needs of the local community. Local skater involvement is a critical component to designing and developing successful skate parks. Community input through a series of public design workshops, lead by Wally Hollyday, not only produces a design, which is most appropriate for local skaters, but also help build a sense of community pride. Understanding the skaters' needs, ensures that the park will be a facility they will want to use and be able to progress in as recreational skaters and professional athletes.