30 Years of Skate Parks Designed and Built By Wally Hollyday

We are an award winning design and build firm that specializes in designing and constructing custom concrete skate parks throughout the United States. We provide site planning and schematic design services, construction documents, technical specifications, bidding assistance, construction administration, and construction services. Wally Hollyday Skateparks is a certified small business and we are an equal opportunity employer. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Wally Hollyday Skateparks is a leader in the field of skatepark design and construction, honed with our 30 years of experience on over 100 skate park contracts. Our team is committed to ensuring that wishes of the local skating community are included in the facilities that they will use. Our expertise allows us to create a state of the art recreational facility that strikes a balance between budget, aesthetic considerations, environmental responsibility, and regulatory compliance. Our projects have been featured in national magazines and newspapers, including Thrasher Magazine, Transworld Skateboarding, Juice Magazine, Skateboarding Magazine, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and Landscape Architect Magazine.

Wally Hollyday started designing and building critically acclaimed skateboard parks in 1977, with the majority of his experience in the last twelve years. In 2000, Wally Hollyday and Joe Ciaglia founded California Skateparks in order to specialize in design/build skate parks. Over the next five years they perfected the design-build process and completed construction on over 80 quality public skateparks of which 30 were design/build skate parks. In 2005, Wally Hollyday left California Skateparks and founded Wally Hollyday Design in order to focus more on designing skate parks rather than building them. Now since 2010 as Wally Hollyday Skateparks, we offer both design and construction services to our clients. As the principal designer and specialty skate park contractor, Wally Hollyday creates a seamless link between the design and build process. His complete commitment from personally conducting design workshops to helping his all skater crew shaping the concrete, ensures the vision of the design will be translated to the finished project.

Wally Hollyday personally supervises the crew shaping the shot-crete, ensuring all transitions are perfectly cut and a smooth finish is applied. Pour in place forms for ledges and stairs are verified by Wally Hollyday before pouring. All shot-crete is cut to precise templates for reliable results. A custom guide for trimming along the coping is used for a consistent top edge. The transition is set to align exactly with the flat of the floor. Flat concrete decks and floors are poured to align with finished shot-crete surfaces. Concise shaping of the shot-crete is the key to a quality finish.

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