30 Years of Skate Parks Designed and Built By Wally Hollyday
"Wally Hollyday is the most qualified skate park designer and builder working in the field today. His vision in design and meticulous attention to detail in the building process has earned him an unequaled reputation."
Miki Vuckovich, Executive Director, Tony Hawk Foundation

"Having Wally Hollyday create a skate park is the best thing your community can do for its youth."
Andy MacDonald, X Games Gold Medalist

"Wally is an amazing guy and just wants to design and build the best stuff he can whether it be for bikes or skateboards."
John Povah, Etnies BMX Team Manager

"If Salvador Dali had fashioned the moon, its surface might look something like the skate park in Sayreville, N.J. Undulating concrete bowls flow toward one another like bumping wombs. Ribboning "snake runs" slither around steel-pipe rails and abrupt concrete boxes. If it all seems like a dreamscape, that's because it is. This is the kind of place that skateboarders dream about."
TIME Magazine, Architectural Review

"Wally had instant credibility with the local skaters, which was invaluable in creating a sense of ownership and pride among those who participated in the design workshops. The success of Nashville's skate park is largely due to Wally's design expertise, construction skill, and rapport with the skating community."
Tim Netsch, Nashville Parks and Recreation Department, Tennessee

"Wally was instrumental in reaching the skaters and getting them to open up and discuss and talk about what features they liked and disliked. He was especially good at getting the skaters to think about all the possibilities in terms of the design, and inspiring them to consider new features and ways of skating concrete surfaces."
Brett Horner, Community Planner, City of Santa Monica, California

"From the beginning, it was apparent that Mr. Hollyday was in touch with the end user and was able to incorporate their different ideas and concepts into a cohesive design."
Roy Tatman, Project Manager, City of Sacramento, California

"Mr. Hollyday has been a pleasure to work with, professional and friendly. He helped us through every phase from concept through construction. As part of public outreach fro the project, Wally led a charette with our local BMX riders. Mr. Hollyday worked with the users to bring the park into line with the local BMX riders' needs. The riders were thrilled to work with him, which reflected well on the City of Flagstaff. The park is not only functional BMX facility, it is a really attractive, truly an asset for our community."
Kathleen H. Viskocil, Senior Project Manager, City of Flagstaff, Arizona

"The quality of workmanship is second to none. We particularly appreciated Wally's onsite participation and personal involvement in keeping the project on track and within budget."
Piper Haynes, Executive Director, Mission Valley YMCA, California

"Exceeded all of our expectations! Wally Hollyday lived up to his reputation as an innovative designer and master shotcrete craftsman."
Tom Roland, Chief of Parks, Charles County, Maryland

"The quality of work associated with a Wally Hollyday product is superior. Wally's hands-on approach is, I believe, key to producing a quality park."
Gary Shell, Superintendent of Operations, Wilmington, North Carolina

"The pool is perfect. If you like pools, drop what you're doing and go to Claremount."
Transworld Skateboarding, Mission Valley Review

"Wally's eye for shaping concrete will guarantee that the structure is artistic in nature. Wally Hollyday is famous for building concrete sculptures with a natural flow."
Terry Craft, Editor, Juice Magazine

"Wally is a concrete master."
Transworld Skateboarding

"Sweet four leaf clover bowl with pump humps, hips, corners, roll-ins, and escalator, a sub box ledge and a little bit of an oververt corner extension to spice things up. You can take a run in this bowl that lasts as long as your legs can."
Transworld Skateboarding, Sayreville Skate Park Review

"Sick big bowl. Modern street-style course."
Thrasher Magazine, Fontana Skate Park Review